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  • Turnkey Solution Provider

KTK Marine Culture

  • KTK Marine culture: A: Agile; E: Excellence; R: Reliable; O: On Time Delivery

    Mission: We steer to provide cost-effective, value- add engineering products & services, servicing the regional customers.

    Vision: To be the key preferred engineering solution provider in the region, recognized for it’s engineering expertise & service excellence.


  • ● Former Singapore company set up in August 2002.

    ● Marine Accommodation Turnkey Supplier(Interior & HVAC)

    ● Professional Project management team (Bilingual)

    ● Local experienced workforce 305pax (English)

    ● production/execution design engineers 35pax

    ● Delivered more than 120 vessels by turnkey base

    ● Merged by KTK in 2019, KTK Marine established


  • Our R&D Center is staffed with experienced engineers, with many years of hands-on experience.
    This Center is also well equipped with the state-of-the-art design tools and test laboratory.
    The main focus of the R&D Center is on the development of new HVAC equipments. and Accommodation system noisy and vibartion control, new material application, new products development.This Center is also well equipped with the state-of-the-art design tools and test laboratory.

    Accommodation system noisy and vibartion control:

  • R&D Office and laboratory facility:

  • Typical mechanical designs:


  • Total Ship Design & Marine Engineering

    Ship/Offshore Marketing Engineering & Business Support for Accommodation
    ■ Outline Spec, Preliminary Cabin Layout , Cost Estimation, etc. Basic and Detail Design (All kinds of Drawings for Classification & Approval)
    ■ Develop Cabin Plan, 3D Perspective Design, Related to detail design etc.
    ■ All kinds of Basic and Detail Drawings including Diagrams and other Technical Documentations for Owner’s / Class’ Approval. Production Design (by 3D Modeling)
    ■ Hull Production Drawings (for Cutting, Forming, Assembly, Remarking, Template, etc.)
    ■ Hull Piping, Engine Room Piping.
    ■ Hull Outfitting, Engine Room Outfitting.
    ■ Accommodation Outfitting.
    ■ Electrical / Electronic Equipment & Outfitting.
    ■ Material & Production related Information (BOM, PML, Control of Scrap Ratio & Leftover Steel Plates, etc.

  • Procurment Consulting

    Shipbuilding Management
    ■ R+D/Process Review
    ■ Vision & Strategy
    ■ Selection of Vendor
    ■ Management of Engineering
    ■ Preparation of related to document such as PFQ, TBE & POS
    ■ Quality Management
    ■ Performance Evaluation
    ■ Sales & Marketing Strategy

Business Model

Business Unit

Market Segment

  • Cruise & Ropax

  • Yacht & Service Boat

  • Special Ship

Associate & Subsidiary

  • Jiangsu KTK Shipping Equipment Co., Ltd.provides advanced modular and customized interior solutions for special ships.

    Changzhou KTK Ship Technology Co., Ltd. was established in early 2020 on the basis of the acquisition of a Singapore marine interior general contracting company. It responds to China’s call for vigorously developing the cruise economy and aims to break through the design and construction of key interior technologies for luxury cruise ships. Today we have succeeded Participated in the construction of China's first Vista-level luxury cruise ship.

    Changzhou KTK Yacht Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service of luxury yachts, official yachts and houseboats' equipment and parts. Through technology transfer, digestion, absorption and innovation, our products will be exported to Europe and become a qualified supplier of European luxury yacht companies.


  • Execute all types of marine & offshore projects.

    Fully resourced in-house – provide a complete EPIC package, managed by dedicated Project Managers.
    Scope ranges from small turnkey packages to multi-million-dollar upgrades and new builds.
    Complies to international design standards including ISO, ASHRAE, CIBSE and NORSOK.
    Have a track record of executing projects with great success.

    Engineering & Designs

    Starting at the station our project service ranges from conceptual design to the production of detailed plans, engineering drawings, calculations, construction work packs, related documentation and certification packs.

  • Project Work Plan

    To ensure we provide our clients with the a safe, efficient, and cost effective turnkey solution, we apply a tried and trusted work plan regime:

    Designate Project Manager.
    Agree work scope and responsibilities.
    Conduct site survey, if required.
    Verify work scope and agree engineering concept with client.
    Present basis of design, time scales, and costs.
    Client review and approval.
    Manufacture, Install and Commission.
    Review and close out meeting with client.

  • Typical Accommodation Turnkey Solution

    Deck Plan

    Length over all: Approx.83.4m
    Length between perpendiculars: 76.5m
    Floatation length: 79.6m
    Breadth moulded: 18. 0m
    De pth from Main deck: 8.0m
    Scantling draught: 6.7m
    De sign draught: 6. 0m
    Fre eboard at scanting draught: 1.3m

  • Requirements

  • Colour & Matrial Concept

  • Description


  • Unit Cabin

    Reduction of a period of construction (20% compared to BUILT-IN)
    ■ Level-off of LOAD at the stage of DELIVERY
    ■ Reduction of man hour for designing
    ■ Dramatic reduction of manpower for installation
    ■ Unification and simplication of purchasing items
    ■ Easy for work management
    ■ Maintain the same quality from MOCK-UP to the completion of CABIN
    ■ Minimize interference work in process
    ■ prevent process delay through a factory inspection in advance
    ■ Material LOSS is nonexsist

    Require suitable hull structure OPENING
    ■ Apply PILLAR structure (movement of CABIN and installation efficiency)
    ■ Only AIR DUCT is placed on upper CABIN and other UTILITY LINE(CABLE,PIPIE AND ETC.) are placed at corridor.
    ■ Exclusion of protrusion on upper DECK.

Main Clients


  • We are just a phone call away!

    As a leading global supplier in Marine & Offshore industry, KTK Marine understands the importance of top-notch after sales services. The Company offers it's after-sales supports from its regional head-quarter in Singapore that includes: ?Commissioning; ?Operator training; ?Inspections; ?Condition reports; ?Service; ?Repairs; ?Conversions and Upgrades (Retrofit); ?Spare parts



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